And we're back! Very sorry for the extended downtime! Here is what is going on!

First, in the past two months I've had my 6-year old desktop suddenly stop starting up and my second-hand 6-year old notebook suddenly want to turn anything black/transparent bright red. That was fun! I did manage to buy a brand new Laptop (HP Omen 15!) , and then promptly my wife had a baby. You MIGHT understand why this took so long to get back into the flow of things.

The Site: I abandoned Wordpress. I needed more flexibility and capability. Thus once I got a new server ready I tested a few CMS systems before landing on this one. The look isn't permanent and you will be seeing changes in the way everything is set up in the following weeks. That means I will be creating new sections to show off games, the one Unity Asset I have out, support areas, image galleries, etc!

Plasma Mania: I am FINALLY back in the flow of making slow but steady progress on Plasma Mania. My current goal is as follows: Get some decent leaderboards/achievements working, push those updates out, make at least three additional levels, make some proper videos showing off how the game works, and then push it live. My current idea is to have current 2 Minute Challenge level for free, and then have the rest of the levels free behind an interstitial (video advertisement) that you can watch once every X-amount of time to play any additional levels for free. If that does well and I see some money coming in, then an iOS version.

Other games: I am going to push out some smaller games, specifically a super casual and a party game before moving on to the next big project.

Unity Assets: All Unity assets now have a minimum price on their Asset Store, and as such ShapeCover has risen in price. I am not sure that I will be making any more assets as I am considering making the jump to Unreal Engine, now that Unity has dropped internal build support for Android APKs. It seems to be the engine to learn if you want to apply for gaming companies these days.

That's it for today!

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