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Author Topic: Isolation Game Jam Devlog 1-3  (Read 550 times)

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Isolation Game Jam Devlog 1-3
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:25:51 AM »
I know it's not required, but i thought I would pop out a quick devlog before passing out for the night. I decided to try my first Game Jam, specifically Major Jam: Isolation.

So here's how it went!
Day 1: The theme is isolation. I actually had an idea about a sort of afterlife/purgatory/spirit realm years ago, and it seemed like it could apply here. The idea was basically: When living things die they dissipate their spiritual energy into a nether realm of sorts. When a person or other living thing with a strong spirit and will dies they manifest as a vaguely person-shaped being that must feed off of the spiritual energy or ghostly manifestations to survive. There was much more to the original story, but one key was that it took place in a vague version of the real world, with buildings and such gaining a misty form only if enough people existed and released energy into it over time.

Blah blah blah. System-wise, any movement, abilities, or your HP is essentially a single stat, and if that stat falls to 0 you lose.

So on Day 1 I created a fresh project in Unity, and since asset packs are allowed for use I downloaded Go Map, a tool I had played with in the past. Then since I only have a few hours a day I spent that first day messing around with the example scenes before I found an appropriate one. Something like this!

Day 2: My scene from Day 1 refused to open. Apparently I had loaded too large of a city area and it saved a 36 GB scene file. So apparently Unity can SAVE large scene files, but if you try to load one over 4 GB it just refuses. I spent most of the day trying to get around this, either by multiple attempts to merge meshes or choosing different areas.... only to discover I was loading 9 chunks of the map when there was a limited option to only load 1 chunk.... so that means I can get the file size down to a few hundred MB! Yay! After poking around Google Maps for places I knew I chose a place in downtown Osaka. Also all free mesh combiners suck.

Day 3:
I had a few extra hours today, so using an early version of an AMAZING asset pack called Clayxels (available on itch.io) . With that I made some amazing power-ups and a few so-so enemies.... only to realize RIGHT NOW that I only saved the gameobjects, and didn't preserve the mesh or material files... so I get to fix a screw-up for a second time. On the plus side I modified my old GyroMOVE! asset so controls are sloppily implemented, including a tie-in to the spirit energy collected.

...and now I sleep!
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